Lufthansa Cargo's first 777-F
Roll-in Event at FRA

(November 19th, 2013)

LH Cargo 1st 77F arrival

D-ALFA (above & below) arriving in Frankfurt after its delivery flight from Seattle - 9th November 2013.

1st GEC 77f taxy

The Roll-in Event


Below the poster which was taped onto the 777 during assembly in Seattle.

proudly poster

alfa 1

The 77F is towed into LH Technik's Maintenance Hangar with drums and music.

alfa 2

777F-Fleet Chief waving a "Welcome to the Family"-Flag out of a cockpit window.

alfa 3

Still a very clean and polished plane.

alfa 4

The secret is lifted, which names the 777Fs and remaining MD-11Fs will get.

77F names

Most of Lufthansa's passenger planes are named after a German States or Cities.
Lufthansa Cargo's current fleet of MD-11Fs are not named. Back in history the 747-200Fs were named after continents.
With the introduction of a new cargo plane they decided to reinvent the names for Freighters.
A worldwide web-based contest was born: Name the Plane.
The world offered LH's decision-makers more than 40.000 names.
The final short list was (examples) "Migratory Birds", "Wonders of the World", "Explorers", "Famous Bridges" but the winner is

~*~ Say HELLO around the WORLD ~*~
D-ALFA: Good Day, USA

goodday usa

Time for walking around the newest fleet member. Some nice detail shots.

fresh airmiddle


front gear

A wonderful moment, standing before the front gear and looking towards the tail.
Very impressive...

front to back

The first departure and the following days:
First flight was as LH8170 FRA-JFK-ATL at 18:10LT with 75t of freight.
41 years after LH Cargo's first 742F was introduced on the "same" route from FRA to JFK.
After returning to FRA, the next flight was to Chicago. Followed by further flights to New York, Atlanta and Chicago.


Lufthansa Cargo's second 777 Freighter, D-ALFB (Jambo Kenya) arrived in thick early morning fog, 27th November 2013.

GEC 77F D-ALFB Jambo Kenya
It's inauguration into service was on December 7th with a flight to Houston, it returned via Manchester a day later.
Before flying again later in the evening to Los Angeles via Chicago.

Lufthansa Cargo's third 777 Freighter, D-ALFC (Ni Hao China) arrived in Frankfurt, 25th February 2014.
Lufthansa Cargo's fourth 777 Freighter, D-ALFD (Ola Brazil) arrived at its homebase, 19th June 2014.
Lufthansa Cargo's fifth 777 Freighter, D-ALFE (Hallo Germany) arrived FRA, 12th February 2015 again in morning fog.