Boeing 777-3DE ER, HB-JNA, Faces of SWISS

The 1st 77W for SWISS: a new Triple Seven for the Lufthansa Group

A report from the media relations tour of FRAPORT for the first arrival
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sunny side

After Austrian’s (ex-Lauda Air, 1st in 1997) five 77Es, AeroLogic's (8, 1st in 2009) and Lufthansa Cargo's
(5, 1st in 2013) 777-Freighters again a passenger model Triple Seven (first of nine 77W for Swiss) for the fleet of LH Group.

Austrian 777  Zwei Cargo 777

Having successfully completed training flights in Mallorca, Schwerin and above Southern
Germany with a go-around in Stuttgart, the first flights with passengers begun on Monday
– 8th February – with a rotation ZRH-GVA-ZRH in the morning, before flying the Frankfurt rotation at noon.

During the introduction phase of Swiss' first 77W the crews are familiarized on
flights around Europe until 26. March: destinations are

Before being transitioned to HB-JNA, the cockpit crews are trained onboard
Austrian’s fleet of 767/777s and during simulator sessions in Zurich.

The first Swiss 777 landed at FRA's runway 25L at 13:15 than rolled on taxiway M to the end
of the runway system continuing on taxiway Y onto N8 to reach gate A22.
Thanks a lot to Fraport for inviting me onto this media relations tour to the first visit.

Both sides of the Triple Seven have a film of employee faces applied.

right side  left side

The “Faces of SWISS” film consists of 2500 portraits of SWISS employees around the world,
the 12 larger portraits, which represent the different types of employee groups of SWISS,
are 7m in height. The 450m² film weighs only 50kg and is 0,05 mm thick.

faces close-up R  faces close-up L

Some close up photos of the shiny new SWISS 777.
sunny side

GE90-115B  shiny tail

The underbelly reflects the surroundings of the Triple 7 on a wet tarmac at Frankfurts A-Gate area.
alfa 4  front gear

SWISS new interior

Manufacturing plate and Registration

First Class (8 seats)
First cabin  first IFE
A comfortable 22" wide seat which transforms into an exclusive private
suite and/or a 2m long bed. Enjoy the airshow on a 32" screen.

Business Class (62 seats)
Biz cabin  Biz IFE
A comfortable 20.5" wide seat which transforms into a 2m long bed.
Enjoy the IFE on a 16" screen.

Economy Class (270 seats)
Eco cabin  eco IFE

Economy Class features a 17.1" wide seat with 31" distance to the seat infront of you.
Enjoy the IFE on a 11" touchscreen.

The first departure at Frankfurt

Leaving FRA, at 14:37 with a short full power take-off-run on runway 18 as LX1073 back to Zurich.
Again I want to give my special thanks to Fraport for inviting me onto this tour.
It was an amazing experience, getting so close to a brand new Boeing 777.

SWISS is the 49th airline flying with the 777 to Frankfurt and the 23rd flying in with the 777-300ER.
gathering speed

lift off


The next flight after returning to Zurich was a medium range trip to Barcelona.

SWISS' Triple Seven Delivery Plan
Routings as of Schedule 2017

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