Singapore Airlines 777s in Europe

A Report about SQ's 777s on European Airports

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  1. Introduction
  2. Departing SIN
  3. Inflight
  4. Arriving Europe
  5. At the airports
  6. Getting ready
  7. Departing Europe
  8. Arriving SIN
  9. Timetables

Part 2: Rushhour the First - Departing SIN

Singapore Airlines' 777 flights to Europe are departing Singapore-Changi all in the timeslot from 2200 to 0115 with an initial heading of around 310° NW.
Because this time is also the main timeframe for other departures to Europe, Asia and Oceania there are often delays.
The first SQ 777s leaving for Europe are the ones which are stopping enroute, before completing their journey onwards to Europe.
are joining the Singapore Airlines "777-run" to Europe. In the morning a 77W is leaving Singapore for its journey to Houston via Moscow (SQ62).
Later in the day (early afternoon) more 77Ws are leaving SIN for a their flights to FRA (SQ326), CDG (SQ334) and ZRH (SQ342).
Please note that not all mentioned flights are operating daily.
For more information about the timetable please see the timetable-page of this report.

Part 3: Inflight

The 77W

The latest plane joining SQ's fleet and making SQ one of the biggest 777 customer so far, with 64 777s in service and another 13 on order.
The -312ER are currently the flagship of SQ's fleet, because of its new cabin design. But will hand over this position in the near future to the Airbus A380.
The 77W is equipped with a new cabin and has also three classes. The 77W is configured to fly with 278 passengers in this layout:
8 FirstClass-seats (1-2-1), 42 RafflesClass-seats (1-2-1) and 278 Economy-seats (3-3-3)
With 7 seats less than a SQ 772, but with a 10 m longer fuselage you can clearly see how spaceious this cabin must be.

The 772

Most of Singapore Airlines' 777 flights to Europe are operated by the -212ER. (9V-SVx-registrations)
Flying in this two-class cabin-layout:
30 Raffles (SpaceBeds) (2-2-2) and 255 Economy (3-3-3)

The 777

The -212 is flying to Moscow via Dubai. Generally it is served with SQx-registered 777s.

The 773

The -312 is only flying on the route to Istanbul via Dubai to Europe.
The cabin-layout is:
18 First (2-2-2), 49 Raffles (2-2-2) and 265 Economy (3-3-3) for a total of 335 seats
The 773 is as long as the 77W but has 57 more seats.
SQ's 773s are mainly used on highdensity routes and to a lesser extent on highyield routes.

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