Singapore Airlines 777s in Europe

A Report about SQ's 777s on European Airports

Throughout a week


  1. Introduction
  2. Departing SIN
  3. Inflight
  4. Arriving Europe
  5. At the airports
  6. Getting ready
  7. Departing Europe
  8. Arriving SIN
  9. Timetables

Part 4: Arriving in Europe

After flying for around 13 ½ hours and an average great-circle-distance of 10.100 km the Singapore Airlines 777s are reaching their european destinations at dawn of a new day. Sadly all these flights are flying overnight, so you can not enjoy seeing the great landscape overflown by your plane. Most of these flights are flying over the Bay of Bengal, the indian subcontinent, the Caspian- and the Black Sea. The flights to MAN and CPH are flying farther north over the Aral Sea.

Here you can see a 77W parked at its gate in ZRH after arrival from SIN in the early morning.

Part 5: Spending time at the airports in Europe

Here a 77W is towed to a "remote stand" @ ZRH, where it rests for some hours.

The 777s are resting for some hours on the tarmac of their destination airports for some hours before returning to a gate for getting serviced and awaiting there new passangers for the flight back to SIN. But not on all airports the 777 is towed to a remotestand for spending their time, some of them resting at their arrival gate and are readied here for the return. At first the arriving passengers have to deboard, the baggage, cargo and the foodcarts are unloaded, the cabin gets cleaned and the plane's water has to be changed. These duties are either done at gate or at a remote stand. After the 777 has been cleaned and serviced after arrival, it is ready for the preparations for the return.

Servicing of the 77W at "remote stand" prior tow-back to terminal.

Part 6: Getting ready for the return

The frontsection of 9VSWF, with a towingtruck under the nosegear.

After spending some hours (on average 5 hours) at their destination, the 777s are being readied for their return flights.
They get fresh water, a pile of the latest newspapers and magazines, the food and beverages for the ~12h long return flights and the tanks are again filled up with kerosene.
On some occassions there are also minor technical checks to do. If there was a problem during the flight.

Full-frame shot of 9VSWF while it gets towed to the departure gate.

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