Singapore Airlines 777s in Europe

A Report about SQ's 777s on European Airports

Throughout a week


  1. Introduction
  2. Departing SIN
  3. Inflight
  4. Arriving Europe
  5. At the airports
  6. Getting ready
  7. Departing Europe
  8. Arriving SIN
  9. Timetables

Part 7: Departing Europe

A 77W taking off from ZRH's runway 16.

The white 777s with a midnight blue - orange - golden colored cheatline and this stylised golden bird on a midnight blue tail are departing Europe around noon.
Flying into the dusk, you can see the landscape overflown by the 777s until you "reach the night" over the Caspian Sea, leaving the Hindukush mountainsrange and India in the dark.
The flights from Europe to SIN are shorter in duration, because you are flying with the wind.

Part 8: Rushhour the Second - Arriving SIN

After nearly 35 hours away from home, a batch of SQ 777s from Europe is arriving SIN, again at dawn - at around 0700 ± 1½ hour.
Now they are again cleaned and serviced and some of them are awaiting only a short rest before flying again on flights in Asia, to Oceania or North America.
But most of them are visiting SQ's maintenance-facilities before flying again.

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