Fast Facts

LAX gets most T7-airlines more...

DXB - AKL longest flight more...

A 77F costs more...

over 60 airlines are flying the 777 more...

Introduction to the statistics section

I decided to integrate this special section to my website because at the online aviation-forums often there are questions rising of which airline has ordered the T7 and how many, to which airports the T7 flies, how much does a T7 cost, which is the longest which the shortest route flown with a T7 ... .
So, here you can nearly get everything about T7 operations. If you are missing something please let me know!
Under "customers" you will find a list of current and also of previous T7-flying airlines. Here, for example, you can compare the sizes of T7-fleets from different airlines.
"Airports", is a list where you can see the airlines flying to specific destinations. There you can find out for example that NRT is served by the most T7-airlines.
"Routes" shows you how long (km) each of the flights operated by a T7 is. For a better overview I have cut it to the Longest and Shortest routes flown by the Triple Seven.
"Prices" gives you a clue of how much money you have to spend for your own Boeing 777.

Enjoy your visit!


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