The gears of the 777

Fast Facts

A T7 has 14 wheels

The main gear of a 77W has the ability to steer the last two wheels, for better on-ground-manoeuvring.

The gear of a T7 is the largest in civil aviation.

Main gears and wheels

The undercarriage of the 777 is another first in aviation. It is uniquely arranged and the largest ever installed on a jet. The front gear is similar to others, but the main landing gear contains of two 6-wheel trucks similar to those of a Tu154, but a lot larger. These two trucks provide better weight distribution on runways and taxiways and it eliminates the need for a third truck in the middle of the main trucks (like on MD11, DC10 and A340).
However, in early Summer 2005 the Air France order for high-density 773ERs (472 seats) has brought up a discussion in which the operator of Paris’ second airport Orly (ADP) questioned this better weight distribution and that the use of this high-density 77Ws could lead to major damage to the Orly Run- and Taxiways. Saying the weight distribution is not as good as on the A380, although the A380 being much heavier. Until the delivery of these AF 773ER’s the problem will be solved.
The nosewheel can be turned to as much as 70° to each side, the main gear’s aft axles have a 8° turn to assist steering the 777. If the nosewheel is turned more than 13° the aft axles are activated automatically.
The brakes of a 777 are made of carbon.

Above you see a 777’s nose-gear. In the front you can the the adaptor for the towbar. The two silver cylinders are the hydraulic compensators for absorbing the landing shocks and for making the gear fit for every load the 777 has. If the 777 is light they pull up and if a 777 is fully loaden they sink. In the center of this photo you also can see a red tag "Remove before flight" hanging at the grey box.

The maingear consists of two six-wheeled truck. Here you can see its impressive size. Again you can see the shock absorbers and some hydraulic lines and other cables.

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