The Wing

Fast Facts


777,2,3: 60,90 m
77F,77L,77W: 64,80 m



About the wing

Above you can see the mighty wingspan of a 777-200ER.

The wing is one of the most unique design features of the 777.
It was designed for a high cruisingspeed and optimizes the advances in the supercritical wingdesignstudies made by Boeing since 20 years.
The wingarea is 430 m2 and the wing has a high aspect ration of 8.68, providing the 777 enough lift capacitiy for the stretched variants.


The wing is assembled of 3 parts: the outboard wing section, the center-wing and the chord extensions.
Aluminium Alloy 7055T77, by Alcoa, is used for the upper part of the wing while the underside is made of 2000-series aluminium, which is better suited to the high loads found there. The fueltanks are located between the upper and the underwing. The wing weighs up to 15 tonnes, w/o fuel.
During the early test-phase of the "never-to-fly" 777, the wing was deflected 24 feet above normal position when it blew off with explosive forces and having been loaded with up to half a million pounds.

For the Longer-Range 777's (-300ER, -200LR and the -200F) Boeing has added raked wingtips for improving lift capability and reducing the fuelburn.

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